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Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout provides high-quality instruction from the most talented Balboa dancers. We will have 4 different tracks running at the event, so no matter what your level of experience, we will have something for you. Make sure you check out our level descriptions to find out what track will suit you the best. The class schedule will be released in the near future.

Level Descriptions

Perfect for those interested in learning and reviewing the Balboa & Bal-Swing basics. Learn the basic Balboa vocabulary, essential technique and some styling. Classes held on Saturday & Sunday, access to all three dances included. This is geared for fast learning beginners, beginners who have learned some Balboa and beg/int level Balboa dancers. Classes will include: Single and double time Pure Bal basics (up-holds & down-holds), Progressive steps/variations in Pure Bal, Come-arounds in closed and open position, Lollies Kicks & Turns, Out & Ins or Crossover breaks, as well as other moves, variations and exercises.
This group is geared for dancers who already know Balboa AND Bal-Swing Basics. You should be able to switch easily between Pure Balboa and Bal-Swing movements but need some improvement on transitions and improvising. This class will review and will refine important Balboa & Bal-Swing steps in addition to adding moves, rhythm changes, elegance and creativity to your dancing. You must already know single and double time Pure Bal basics (also known as: up-holds & down-holds), Come-arounds in closed and open position, Lolly Kicks, come-around into Lolly kicks, Exit from Lolly Kicks, Out & Ins or Crossover breaks

Note: If you think this level is right for you, but aren’t sure if you are completely ready, you might be able to catch up by joining some local Balboa classes or taking one or two privates from your local Balboa teacher prior to this year’s event. Feel free to email us for advice.

This class is for enthusiastic Balboa dancers who should already be able to dance musically and add variations to the list of steps below at slow, medium & fast tempos. This is great for dancers who often take the “Int/Adv or Advanced” level classes in their local dance community. Dancers in level 3 should be VERY comfortable with pure balboa and bal-swing basics including Paddles, Crab-Walks, drags, Lolly Kicks, Turn combinations, throw outs, rhythm variations on out & ins and more. You should already be able to lead and follow the following steps, as well as being able to demonstrate variations on many of these steps. Single and double time Pure Balboa basics, plus independent styling and independent & lead rhythm variations, Come-arounds in closed and open position, Lolly Kicks and Lolly Kick variations, ie: stylings, footwork, elbow-catches, turns, etc., Throw outs/ Toss outs, Texas Tommy’s/Apache’s, Unique Spin & Turn combinations, Often focuses on subtle footwork changes, easily breaks free from normal 8 count patterns, Practices being creative while social dancing, ie: footwork variations, new moves or momentum changes, accenting musicality, and “playing/improvising” with your partner.

In addition to being comfortable with the moves required of Level 3 dancers the dancers that will be selected for level 4 will be confident in the above steps at all tempos, will have started to develop their own style and are able to add footwork and styling variations, have experience creating their own moves. The dancers in Level 4 typically are regarded as the best in their scene and are likely teaching Balboa and Bal-Swing in their home town, are interested in improving and refining their movement, flow and musicality while learning a few unique moves and rhythms along the way, travel to balboa events throughout the year and are often selected to participate in the highest level at regional and/or national balboa workshops.

Please Note

Final placement, in all levels, is at the discretion of the RMBB promoters and staff. At any time during the weekend you may be asked to move to a different level (up or down). Please understand that this request would be made in order to ensure that all students (including yourself) at RMBB would be in the best learning environment possible. If you choose not to comply with the RMBB promoters’ request, you will be politely asked not to take the classes. Also, please remember that we have a no refund policy at RMBB. We appreciate your cooperation!