Live Music


The Greg Ruby 6 will be playing the compositions & arrangements of the great 1930’s swing guitarist, Oscar Aleman. An unsung hero of the Parisian jazz guitar scene of the swing era, Aleman rivaled the infamous Django Reinhardt.

The Greg Ruby 6 debuted this project at the annual Lindy Focus event in 2017 and is excited to be bringing the project to Denver. Featuring Ruby on lead guitar, Jonathan Doyle on reeds and Andrew Finn MacGill on violin, the band will be backed up by a local rhythm section.


Head DJ Travis Whetman
Peter Flahiff and Lauren Smith
Peter & Lauren honed their DJing skills in the homeland of Balboa and Balboa-Swing, Southern California. They spread their love of vintage swing and jazz across the world as international DJs and dance instructors. Always among the classiest folks in any room, Peter & Lauren bring their passion for the Swing Era to any event they attend and are guaranteed to keep the dance floor packed with great tunes.

DJ Kate Hedin
Jose Tello
Jose started listening to and collecting Jazz at an early age and his passion for it continued to grow as he began traveling for dancing. Nowadays he regularly DJs at social dances and events in his home scene and occasional out-of-town gigs. Jose’s taste in Jazz centers around early 1930s to late 1940s music pulled from Benny, Artie, Duke, Lunceford, Basie and a handful more. He has a keen interest in digging up obscure recordings and watching how the energy on the floor changes with the music that is played.